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      1. 石材磨邊機
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        聯系我們Contact Us


        電 話0757-86700869

        傳 真:0757-86790607

        咨詢熱線 : 400-0757-298

        網 址:www.yingyudancijiyifa.com

        地 址:地址 : 廣東省佛山市南海區獅山鎮長田機械工業園(佛山市鑫飛達機械有限公司)

                  佛山市鑫飛達機械有限公司成立于 2007 年,坐落于交通發達的珠江三角洲腹地——佛山市南海區,是一家有著歐美品質、 專注于石材、 巖板深加工 機械設備研發、 制造、 銷售、 服務為一體的國內知名企業。 本公司在發展的過程中,堅持自主創新,致力于改變石材、 巖板加工行業落后的生產模式,在保留原有產品優點的基礎上,大膽創新,研發出了性能 更優越的石材、 巖板深加工設備,并先后推出了一系列具有本公司自主知識產權的專利產品:石材線條系列、石材磨邊拋光系列、巖板磨邊倒角系列、石 材巖板異型 CNC 數控加工中心系列產品,還可為量大的企業定制全自動生產線,深受廣大加工廠的青睞。 本公司有著專業知識豐富、 勇于創新的專業研發團隊,先進的精密加工設備和高標準的技術團隊,嚴格的檢驗檢測流程,歐美品質的檢測標準,讓用 戶選擇更放心,使用更安心。 完善的售后服務團隊為用戶提供優質的售后服務,解決用戶的后顧之憂。 我公司堅持以誠信為本,以質量為基礎的理念,在 滿足用戶和市場需求的同時,建立持久互利的共贏合作關系。

        Foshan Xinfeida Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, the hinterland of the Pearl River Delta with developed  transportation. It is a company with European and American quality, focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of deep processing  machinery and equipment for stone and rock slabs. As a well-known domestic enterprise. In the process of development, the company insists on independent innovation and is committed to changing the backward production mode of the stone and  slate processing industry. On the basis of retaining the advantages of the original products, it boldly innovates and develops more superior stone and slabs. Deep  processing equipment, and successively launched a series of patented products with the company’sindependent intellectual property rights: stone line series, stone  edging and polishing series, rock slab edging and chamfering series, stone rock slab special-shaped CNC machining center series products, and Customized fullautomatic production lines for large-scale enterprises are favored by the majority of processing plants. The company has a professional R&D team with rich expertise and innovation, advanced precision processing equipment and a high-standard technical team,  strict inspection and testing procedures, and European and American quality testing standards, allowing users to choose and use more at ease. The perfect after-sales  service team provides users with high-quality after-sales service to solve their worries. Our company adheres to the concept of honesty and quality, and establishes a  lasting and mutually beneficial win-win cooperation relationship while meeting the needs of users and the market.


        CONTACT US


        地址 : 廣東省佛山市南海區獅山鎮穆院東川崗(佛山市鑫飛達機械有限公司)

        電話 : 0757-86700869

        傳真 : 0757-86790607

        網址 : www.yingyudancijiyifa.com




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